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Official Country Name: Republic of Chad
Region: Africa
Population: 8,424,504
Language(s): French, Arabic, Sara, Sango
Literacy Rate: 48.1%
Number of Primary Schools: 2,660
Compulsory Schooling: 6 years
Public Expenditure on Education: 1.7%
Educational Enrollment: Primary: 591,493
  Secondary: 99,789
  Higher: 3,446
Educational Enrollment Rate: Primary: 57%
  Secondary: 9%
  Higher: 1%
Teachers: Primary: 9,395
  Secondary: 2,792
Student-Teacher Ratio: Primary: 67:1
  Secondary: 37:1
Female Enrollment Rate: Primary: 39%

  Secondary: 4%
  Higher: 0.2%

A new constitution, adopted by referendum on March 31, 1997, guarantees a free and compulsory education for all Chadian citizens between the ages of 6 through 14. Civil war, however, has long prevented the full implementation of that goal, and school enrollments at all levels remain low.

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