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Official Country Name: Republic of the Gambia
Region: Africa
Population: 1,367,124
Language(s): English, Mandinka, Wolof, Fula
Literacy Rate: 38.6%

Children attend primary school for 6 years from the ages of 7 through 13. Although schooling is not compulsory, almost all of the children living around Banjul (capital) attend school; only a third of those in other parts of the country go to school. At the completion of six years, students are awarded the Primary School Leaving Certificate.

Secondary education is divided into Middle School (three years), Higher Secondary, and Sixth Form (2years); students attend from the ages of 13 through 21. At the successful completion of each level, a certificate is awarded. If students finish the sixth form and have completed all 13 to 14 previous years of education, they may earn the West African Examinations Council A Level Certificate.

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