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An Introduction to the Principles of Macroeconomics

Macroeconomics is the study of large scale economic issues such as those which affect the entire economy. This is in contrast to Microeconomics which looks at smaller scale economic principles. Macroeconomics is a highly practical discipline as it deals with principles that directly impact every part of life. The economy has a knock on effect on almost every part of people’s lives as a nation’…

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An Introduction to the Principles of Management

Management is essential to any organization that wishes to be efficient and achieve its aims. Without someone in a position of authority there would be organizational anarchy with no structure and very little, if any focus. It has been said that management has four basic functions – planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Common sense dictates that without these principles of management b…

3 minute read

An Introduction to the Principles of Marketing

Marketing is the process by which producers of goods and services aim to find out where a demand exists for certain services and products and then find solutions to those needs as well as the way to make consumers aware of the solutions. Marketing is the aspect of business which is most consumer focused as all of the principles of marketing relate directly to the consumer. The principles of mark…

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Comparative Government and Politics

The College Board’s AP course in Comparative Government and Politics is an introduction for students into concepts political scientists and others use to study politics in different countries. It focuses on the processes and outcomes countries use to set up, elect, and run governments. Since politics and government is such an important topic, the course illustrates the diverse governments across…

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Computer Software Engineering: An Overview

There is no denial in the fact that computer technology has shaped up swiftly and has left a significant impact over the world. With the passing of time, new advances are occurring in the IT industry, hence calling for skilled manpower holding computer software engineering degrees. Computer software engineering has been anticipated to be the fastest budding occupations in the years 2000 through 20…

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Human Growth and Development

The process of human growth and development is described by various set of principles. These principles explain typical development as a predictable and orderly process. Therefore we can easily foretell how most children will develop even though there are differences in children’s qualities, behavior, activity levels, and timing of developmental milestones. To understand human growth and develop…

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Principles of Microeconomics

The Principles of Microeconomics examination is conducted to test the concepts taught in a one-semester undergraduate course in microeconomics. Microeconomics involves analyzing the behavioral aspect of individual consumers and businesses in an economy. The Principles of Microeconomics examination involves testing the candidate’s ability to apply analytical techniques in real-world or hypothetic…

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Public Policy Analysis

Public policy refers to the rules, regulations, and guidelines formulated by governments for the purpose of solving problems that have an impact on the society and the general public. Public policy analysis involves evaluating issues of public importance with the objective of providing facts and statistics about the extent and impact of the various policies of the government. The basic objective o…

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