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Computer Software Engineering: An Overview

There is no denial in the fact that computer technology has shaped up swiftly and has left a significant impact over the world. With the passing of time, new advances are occurring in the IT industry, hence calling for skilled manpower holding computer software engineering degrees. Computer software engineering has been anticipated to be the fastest budding occupations in the years 2000 through 2012.

Qualification, Training and Advancement for Computer Software Engineering

When it comes to hiring computer software engineers, employers give preference to people having a broad knowledge of computer technologies, at least a bachelor degree, as well as experience in the arena. Academic programs in computer software engineering basically stress on software and are provided as a degree course. Increased significance of computer security imply that software engineers possessing advanced degrees such as mathematics, system design, and alike will be given prominence by government agencies, software developers, consulting firms, and so on.
Students aspiring jobs in software engineering can better their employment opportunities simply by doing internships or some co-op programs offered by the school. Such experiences allow the students to have a broader horizon of knowledge as well as experience, thereby allowing them to be attractive to employers. However, inexperienced college students are also hired by huge computer organizations as such firms believe in training students. New employees are even mentored in the firms and are scrutinized in their work.

Professional Duties of Computer Software Engineers

Computer software engineers are primarily responsible for few domains including:

  • Testing as well as verification of the ongoing designs
  • Designing and development of software
  • Project management
  • Consulting

Remuneration for Computer Software Engineering

$90,170 is the average annual salary that a full-time computer applications software engineer can draw as per the report for 2009 compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics; however the average salary by annum that can be drawn out by computer systems software engineers is around $96,620.

Career Opportunities for Computer Software Engineers

The new talents or entry-level software engineers probably test as well as verify the ongoing designs. As the talents become way more experienced with their computer software engineering degree in hand, these designers are mostly concerned with the designing or development aspect. Gradually, these professionals might advance and become managers of information systems, chief information officers, or project managers. In the year 2008, there were about 909,600 computer software engineers, but the number is anticipated to take a huge leap by around 32 percent when the year 2018 approaches. The number of computer software engineers can be as many as 1,204,800 as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. There are almost a thousand software engineers who are actually self-employed.
Employers lookout for computer software engineers holding graduate degrees and having a strong hold over programming, interpersonal as well as business skills, and system analysis. These experienced engineers have a wide array of career options in front of them including:

  • Software consulting
  • Computer systems design
  • Telecommunications
  • Scientific research as well as development
  • Software publishing
  • Technology management
  • Navigational, electromedical, as well as control instruments manufacturing
  • Architectural, and engineering related services

Other job opportunities are inclusive of database administrators, computer programmers, statisticians, actuaries, mathematicians, operations research analysts, financial analysts, computer system analysts, computer hardware engineers, computer support specialists as well as systems administrators.
Aspiring computer software engineers should have strong problem-solving as well as analytical skills. They should even have great communication skills and must interact with team members and other members effectively. Software engineering can be a very fulfilling career for the right type of person applying for the job.

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