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AP Exam Schedule and Test Dates

Each year students take the AP exam over a two week period in May. Advancement placement exams allow a high school student to earn college credit or advanced placement in college before they complete high school.

One advanced placement exam is equivalent to one college course. If a high school student takes several advanced placement courses, they could easily complete a semester or more of college before graduating high school. Advanced placement exams are also considerably cheaper than a college course. Most important of all, an advancement placement exam demonstrates to college admissions officers that you are an academically gifted and hard-working student who enjoys challenges.

What is the AP Exam and How Does it Work?

Advanced placement exams are a combination of multiple choice and free response questions administered by the College Board, a not-for-profit organization. The advanced placement exam covers 34 subjects in six disciplines. Although enrollment in an advanced placement course is not required, most students take advanced placement exams after completing an advanced placement course.

Each test has its own composite score and these composite scores differ for each test and each year. For example, the composite score for the US History exam was 114 to 180 in 2001. In 2002, the composite score for a score 5 for the US History exam was 115 to 180. Advanced Placement Exams are rated on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the best score. The rating scale is as follows:

  • 5 Extremely well qualified (equivalent to an A)
  • 4 Well qualified (equivalent to an A-, B+, or B)
  • 3 Qualified (equivalent to an B-, C+, or C)
  • 2 Possibly qualified
  • 1 No recommendation

Most colleges require a score of 3 or above to be eligible for college credit. Advanced placement exams are available in art, English, history and social sciences, mathematics and computer science, science, and world languages.

How Much Does the Advanced Placement Test Cost?

The cost to take an advanced placement exam is $87 per exam for schools within the United States. For schools outside of the United States, the cost is $117. For students who wish to take an advanced placement exam at an authorized College Board testing center, the cost is $143.

The College Board offers a fee reduction of $22 for students who demonstrate financial need. The initial score report is free. College Board also offers automated score reports and score submission to colleges via the phone for $8. Additional score submissions are $15 per report. College Board offers rush reports for $25 per report and score withholding for $10 per score per college.

What is the Test Schedule for the Advance Placement Exam?

Following are the dates and times that the College Board has authorized for the advancement placement exams.

2012 Advanced Placement Schedule Week 1

Date 8 am Noon 2 pm
May 7th Environmental Science, Chemistry Psychology
May 8th Spanish Language, Computer Science A Art History
May 9th Calculus AB, Calculus BC Chinese Language and Culture
May 10th English Literature and Composition Japanese Language and Culture, Latin: Vergil
May 11th German Language and Culture, United States History European History

2012 Advanced Placement Schedule Week 2

Date 8 am Noon 2 pm
May 14th Biology, Music Theory Physics B, Physics C: Mechanics Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism
May 15th United States Government and Politics Comparative Government and Politics, French Language and Culture
May 16th English Language and Composition Statistics
May 17th Macroeconomics, World History Microeconomics, Italian Language and Culture
May 18th Human Geography, Spanish Literature

2012 Advanced Placement Schedule – Late Testing Schedule

Date 8 am Noon 2 pm
May 23rd German Language and Culture, Macroeconomics, Music Theory, Statistics, United States Government and Politics, and United States History Comparative Government and Politics, English Language and Composition, Environmental Science, French Language and Culture, Microeconomics, and World History
May 24th Art History, Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Computer Science A Chemistry, Chinese Language and Culture, European History, Human Geography, Spanish Language
May 25th English Literature and Composition, Italian Language and Culture, Japanese Language and Culture, Physics B, and Psychology Biology, Latin: Vergil, Physics C: Mechanics, and Spanish Literature Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism

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