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AP Central College Board, AP College Board

AP Central at College Board, a website dedicated to Students who are just starting to think about taking AP courses and examinations as a means of either polishing their credentials for the college of their choice or getting credit for college-level courses would find a good source of information and input from this website.

What is College Board?

First off, it is best to know one of the biggest sites where one can find a large resource for college-related inputs, information, and relevant knowledge. The College Board, which has already been operating since the 1900 as a group of colleges seeking the expansion of higher education, first started out with the goal of making things easier for incoming college students and university admissions offices by simplifying the process of application.

Over time, this goal only strengthened, aiming and pushing harder to ensure that students have the proper preparation, knowledge, and access so that they will have the opportunity to get into and graduate from college.

Part of College Board’s thrust is to promote college readiness among students, because quality education even before college is a must in order to succeed. College provides a variety of assessment tools, curriculums, guides, tips, and resources which aim to help and aid K-12 students in their upcoming academics in college. Some of the programs in this College Readiness include SpringBoard, CollegeEd, ReadiStep, CLEP, PSAT, and EXCELerator.

Advanced Placement courses are one of the main concerns of College Board, especially since these courses and examinations prove to be valuable when trying out for several colleges. One can even find an entire section called the AP Central in College Board, which aims to bulk the student’s knowledge and know-how on the various AP courses and examinations available.

What Can You Find in AP Central in College Board?

AP Central in College Board gives useful information for both the incoming college students and high school teachers who are aiming to teach AP courses. Those who are looking for the basics of the course and the exams would also benefit from looking around in AP Central of College Board.

As of the moment, thirty courses are being offered in the AP Program, as stated in the AP Central College Board. All of these programs are geared towards teaching lessons, disseminating information, honing skills, and giving assignments that are near or are of the corresponding level as those in college level classes.

  • AP Courses.
  • To do this, the faculty of teachers is required to use AP Course Descriptions in creating their syllabus, course content, and sample exam questions. However, this does not mean that teachers are restricted from using their own skills to create their own syllabus. The AP Course Description acts more like a guide than a necessary format so that it will ensure the quality and content of the student’s classes.

  • AP Examinations.
  • As for the AP Examinations, these are conducted during the month of May, and would involve all the concepts taught for the full-year of AP classes. These exams will test the students’ ability to perform at a college level, since they will feature questions that are already at par with college level education. AP exams are created each year, but the unchanging format is that it has a free-response section that can be in the form of an essay or a problem solving part, and a multiple choice question set.

    However, according to AP Central of College Board, there are particular AP courses that may have their own type of exams. For example, AP Studio Art would be all about portfolio assessment, while AP Music Theory would have to conduct sight-singing tasks.

Teacher’s Corner at AP Central College Board

As for the teachers who are looking for guides on how to conduct their AP classes, they can check out the Teacher’s Resources Search section of AP Central College Board. Here, they can find possible textbooks for class use, support articles, reviews of books for references, helpful websites, and other source materials for 34 AP Courses.

All that one has to do is choose the AP Course Content, the type of resource, and the kind of information that he or she needs.

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