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How Can I Find Summer Internships?

An internship is quite similar to an apprenticeship, and interns tend to be college or university students, but they can also be high school students or even adults seeking to gain new skills for a career change. Finding a summer internship can be a great way for a student to gain valuable experience in their field. It enables them to determine if they really are interested in a certain career, and could potentially save them from making the wrong career choice. A summer internship is also a great way of creating a network of contacts, and completing an internship may enable them to gain school credit.

Internships are also valuable for employers as they gain very cheap or even free labor which enables them to get mundane tasks completed without using expensive paid employees. Many interns also move on to gain full-time paid employment with the company who gave them their summer internship, and while this is a great way of getting a job it is also beneficial for the employer as they gain an employee who is at least partially trained to their specific requirements.

Summer internships which may be paid are most commonly found in the fields of architecture, science, law, engineering, businesses, technology and advertising. Internships for non-profit organizations tend to be unpaid positions. Most summer internships last around 6 to 12 weeks, but this period can be shorter or longer depending on the company offering the position.

What are the Different Types of Summer Internships?

Typical work experience internships take place in the second or third year of the school period, and can last anywhere from a couple of months to a full school year. These internships enable the student to put all the things they have learned into practice. It’s a great way of finishing up the last year of studying.

Research internships tend to be done by students who are in the last year, and involve them undertaking research for a particular company. The student may have the choice of choosing the subject, or it may be something that the company feels they would like to improve. The research results are put into a report and may have to be presented.

Is it Worth Paying for a Summer Internship?

There are some companies who will find students an internship, and will charge a fee for placement. These types of companies do have their advantages in that they provide internship placements at reputable companies. They may also provide housing if the company is in a different city and give the student support and mentoring throughout the summer. The student may be able to attend weekend activities and will be able to network.

It’s also possible to find a summer internship through charity auctions, where the company offering the internship selects a charity which will benefit from the proceeds of the auction. There are some companies that have created internships purely with the aim of helping charities. Although this may seem a worthy cause, having to pay for summer internships does limit the opportunities to those with wealthy families who don’t mind paying thousands of dollars in return for little or no wages. Some companies will subsidize low income applicants for internships.

What is the Best Way to get an Interview for a Summer Internship?

The best way to find summer internships is to look for openings in your local newspaper, or to search online. You can also get leads from your school career counselor, and your career services center at your college is definitely the best place to start hunting for an internship specifically related to your major.

Make sure your resume is perfect, and try to include information that highlights your achievements and which makes you stand out from the crowd. Do your research on the companies or organizations to which you are applying. Try and research any opportunities for career growth, and prepare some answers for potential questions.
Make sure you are appropriately dressed for an interview, and be sure to discuss your skills and qualifications as well as asking pertinent questions about the job.

After your interview, send the company a follow-up letter which states your continued interest in the summer internship position. It could be the thing that tips the balance in your favor and lands you that valuable summer internship.

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