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The head of the state Education Division is the Director General of Education, appointed from within the teaching profession, who supervises the Directors of Planning and Development, Operations, Further Studies and Adult Education, Student Services and International Relations, Curriculum Management, and Finance and Administration.

The educational administration is highly centralized, though recent efforts have been made to give schools greater freedom of action. The Head Office manages recruitment, deployment, discipline, and staff promotion. Students are assigned to schools according to geographical areas. Textbooks are produced centrally, though individual schools are given funds to purchase ancillary materials. Annual examinations are administered nationally. Half-yearly examinations are school-based.

The total funds allocated for education by the state in 1996 was US$171.9 million (11 percent of the national budget).

A process of decentralization is taking place at all levels of education, encouraging decision-making at the school level. The curriculum is being reviewed in all grades to assure compliance with modern teaching practices. Great emphasis is placed on introducing information technology.

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