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Higher Education

The largest and oldest institution of higher education on the islands is the University of Malta, founded by Jesuits in 1592. It became a state institution in 1769 and was reestablished in 1988. Though financed by the state, the university receives funds from banks and other private enterprises. The university is the highest degree granting institution in Malta and is open to all qualified students. Students receive a monthly stipend. In 1997 there were 7,000 students, including 400 foreign students, enrolled in full or part-time programs. The courses are designed to supply Malta with highly trained professionals in business, civil administration, science, and industry.

The university houses the International Maritime Law Institute and the Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies. The university is also linked to the Foundation for International Studies and its associated organizations, the International Environmental Institute, the Mediterranean Institute, and the Euro-Mediterranean Center on Marine Contamination Hazards.

Recently, the University of Malta has placed emphasis on strengthening its engineering departments and improving its use of information technology. The university has also sought to improve primary and secondary education in Malta and expand links to overseas universities.

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