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Official Country Name: Grenada
Region: Puerto Rico & Lesser Antilles
Population: 89,018
Language(s): English, French patois
Literacy Rate: 98%

The majority of students do not continue on to a secondary school program, according to the last available statistics. The secondary school program in 1987 included 20 schools and 6,250 students. In 1992 there were 18 secondary schools with 6,970 pupils.

The Center for Popular Education (CPE) is the main adult education institution. There is a 95 percent literacy rate among the adult population.

Restrictions make finding and retaining trained teachers difficult for rural schools. Stipulations created by the Grenadian National Education Policy prevent prospective teachers from entering the teacher college without three years teaching experience and high marks on their O-level exams. Catholic schools require teachers of the Catholic denomination.

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