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El Salvador

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Official Country Name: Republic of El Salvador
Region: North & Central America
Population: 6,122,515
Language(s): Spanish, Nahua
Literacy Rate: 71.5%
Academic Year: February-October
Compulsory Schooling: 9 years
Public Expenditure on Education: 2.5%
Foreign Students in National Universities: 473
Educational Enrollment: Primary: 1,191,052
  Secondary: 143,588
  Higher: 112,266
Educational Enrollment Rate: Primary: 97%
  Secondary: 34%
  Higher: 18%
Teachers: Secondary: 9,255
  Higher: 5,910
Female Enrollment Rate: Primary: 96%
  Secondary: 36%
  Higher: 18%

Traditionally, teachers were recruited from the high school level, but, after 1930, they were recruited from the graduating classes of the Escuelas Normales (teacher training schools). After 1965, under Educational Reform, the Escuelas Normales developed into part of the secondary educational system. Most of the teachers for universities and higher levels hold a Master's degree or doctorate.

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