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Education in Canada has contributed to a remarkable era of prosperity in the nation during the late 1990s and first part of the twenty-first century. Reforms in the educational system have been apparent in primary and secondary education, colleges and universities, and vocational training. Although there has been recent dissatisfaction with the test scores of students in the primary and secondary grades, the rising number of Canadians with degrees and advanced degrees has offered some consolation. Conflicts between French and British interests in the far-flung provinces have been eased by the government's strong support of bilingual education. Likewise, the government has been supportive of attempts by the aboriginal peoples to better their lot in life through education, even as they preserve their customs and language.

While Canada's economy is expected to lose some of its luster as the United States and other industrialized nations experience economic downturns in 2001 and lower population rates will certainly lead to declines in university and college enrollments in certain provinces, the future of Canada overall looks brilliant in the twenty-first century as its ample resources and educated or trained workforce give the nation benefits many other nations only can envy.


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—Hank Nuwer

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