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Teaching Profession

Throughout the 1990s the education sector saw the number of Bahraini teachers steadily increase. By academic year 1999-2000 approximately 88 percent of the teachers in government schools were Bahraini. Among female educators, nearly 97 percent were Bahraini nationals, while among male educators, 79 percent were Bahraini. By contrast, in 1990 some 68 percent of teachers in government schools were Bahraini (79.6 percent of females and 57.8 percent of males).

Student-teacher ratios are comparatively low in the government schools. According to statistics from 1999-2000, the ratios decreased according to age and level of specialization. From a rate of 20:1 at the primary level, the ratio gradually decreases to 18:1 at the intermediate level, 13:1 at the intermediate/secondary level, 15:1 at the general secondary level, 14:1 at the commercial secondary level, 10:1 at the technical secondary level, and 11:1 at the Religious Institute of Bahrain. On average the student-teacher ratio is 17:1 in Bahraini government schools.

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