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Nonformal Education

A limited number of adult education programs existed in Montenegro at the turn of the millennium through part-time studies and evening schools, although in 1999 no special training courses for adults were provided on a regular basis. Fifty programs for training adults in some of the 3,952 state-recognized occupations had been approved by the state, though most were designed for the employees of specific employers; just a few of these were open to the general labor market. Training programs for adults generally lasted between 2 to 3 months and 6 months; some lasted 12 months for occupations with more specialized requirements. Additionally, in 1999-2000, a total of 153 adult learners were enrolled in basic education courses in Montenegro (i.e., covering the 8 grades of primary schooling) in 2 institutions with a total of 12 teachers and a student to teacher ratio of about 12.8:1.

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