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Isle of Man

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Official Country Name: Isle of Man
Region: Europe
Population: 73,117
Language(s): English, Manx Gaelic
Literacy Rate: NA

Broadly speaking, the Isle of Man's educational system is similar to that of Wales and England. The Department of Education is funded by Tynwald (the legislative assembly on the Isle of Man) and operates independently of the United Kingdom's educational authorities. The goals of the Department of Education are to provide the nation with the skills needed to survive, prosper, and increase economic growth. The goal is to educate Manx children so that they can secure employment locally or globally.

The ages of compulsory education are 5 through 16. There are 35 primary schools and 5 secondary schools. In 2000, there were 6,250 students enrolled in primary schools and 4,110 11- to 16-year-olds in secondary schools. The French language is taught to all students beginning at age seven, and the native Manx language is optionally taught at this age.

Students aged 16 though 18 who wish to enter college or university enter into Advanced "A" levels. Approximately 35 percent of all students enter into sixth form. At this level, some courses are taught through modern computer and video telecommunications. In late 2000, to expand educational opportunities, the secondary schools and the Isle of Man College were being updated so that a common network could be formed.

In 1996, the Isle of Man Government joined forces with the University of Liverpool to enhance higher education. A long range plan is for Isle of Man College to become part of Liverpool University and eventually create the Isle of Man University.

—LeAnna DeAngelo

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