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Learning about High School Alternatives

If you didn’t complete your high school education, and didn’t receive your diploma, then it’s never too late to go back and complete your education, or if you are unhappy about attending a traditional high school then there are lots of alternatives for finishing high school. One of the easiest ways to complete your high school education is to enroll in one of the public online high school programs. These alternative high school programs are funded by federal money, as it is allocated to online high school programs in exactly the same way as to regular high schools. You will receive exactly the same type of diploma on graduating.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Public Online High School Alternatives

The advantage of receiving your education in this way is that it’s flexible and convenient, so that you can study when it suits you. Many people find this independent way of studying to be far more effective, and a lot of students benefit from this alternative type of education. Students who learn in this way tend to be far more up-to-date with the latest technology, and this can help immensely when preparing for a college education and a career. Another advantage is that you get to choose the public high school which meets your specific needs, rather than having to attend a high school based purely on your zip code.

Public online high school alternatives are great for students who have difficulty leaving their house due to disabilities, and who may be unable to attend a traditional high school. They are also good for gifted students, who often find the programs more challenging and are able to progress more quickly than in a traditional classroom setting where they are held back by other slower students.

The disadvantages of public online high school alternatives is the lack of socialization, as some students may find it rather isolating. Public online schools do not tend to offer the same type of extracurricular activities which are available in private programs, so anyone choosing to attend public online school needs to ensure they have a good network of friends and family around them to prevent these feelings of isolation. However it is a good low cost alternative and many obtain their diploma in this way and go on to higher education.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Private Online High School Alternatives

The advantages and disadvantages of private online high school alternatives are very similar to those of public online schools. One of the major differences is of course the cost of tuition, as these schools are not funded by federal money. It’s also important to make sure they are properly accredited, so that any credits you receive are transferable. The advantage of choosing a private program is that they may have different courses available to those offered by public high schools, and they are more likely to offer extracurricular activities which help relieve the isolation of studying from home.

Is the Standard of Online Education As Good As Traditional High Schools?

The curriculum is very similar to that of a traditional high school, and the difference is that you will be working in a non-traditional setting. You will find the workload is similar, although you will be spending less time traveling between classrooms, attending school assemblies, and generally waiting around for other students to catch up, so it may feel as if you have more free time.

Studying online does require you to be motivated and disciplined, as you will have far less access to a teacher than you would at a traditional high school. Even so, you will be able to get online assistance about assignments, and it does teach you to work independently. Learning online is quite an interactive process, and you will have regular contact with other students and teachers through forums and group projects, and will also be able to chat using instant messaging and chat rooms and e-mail. Some schools even offer social events which enable students to actually meet up in real life, and some arrange field trips and outings in exactly the same way as traditional schools.

These online high school alternatives are not for everyone, but they are a great option for many students. If you would like to find out more free information then Stateuniversity.com is a great website to check out.

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