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Why Choose to Go to a Graphic Design College?

Choosing to attend graphic design colleges is an ideal option for anyone who has artistic talent, and a lot of people choose to go to graphic design schools to further their art education. Choosing graphic design as your major could open up a wide choice of careers, and could allow you to lead a creative and fulfilling working life.

Graphic design is required in an enormous number of fields and one of the fastest expanding is electronic media. There are thousands of new webpages being created every day, and electronic media is continually advancing as there are so many applications which rely heavily upon graphic designers. Then, of course, there are the more traditional applications for graduates of graphic design colleges which include print, illustrations, and producing promotional packaging, displays, brochures, and designing logos for products and businesses, to name but a few.

Although you obviously need to have artistic talent to do this job, you also need to be knowledgeable about using computers, and to generally have an aptitude for learning new technology as this is becoming increasingly important to graphic design work. Graphic designers need to be highly organized and to have good problem solving ability, as it is often a challenge just to choose the right fonts and colors to create a balanced design. You’ll also need to have good communication skills, as you will be presenting your work to clients and selling your ideas.

Is It Tough to Get into Graphic Design Colleges or Graphic Design Schools?

The competition to get into graphic design schools can be pretty tough, and it’s important that you try to make your work stand out from everyone else by ensuring your portfolio speaks of your talents. It’s best to show that you are competent in several different artistic styles, and being able to demonstrate this versatility will also help you get a job once you graduate.

When it comes to your interview, make sure you have read the background information about the college and program you are applying for, as this will show your interviewers that you’re interested and focused. One of the best sources for free information on schools and colleges is Stateuniversity.com.

Is It Better to Go for a Bachelor’s Degree or an Associate’s Degree at Graphic Design College?

An associate’s degree in graphic design is just two years long, and is good preparation for an entry-level position at a graphic design firm. The programs tend to include less general education, so you will be more focused upon your areas of interest. Although it isn’t as prestigious as a bachelor’s degree, provided you have a good portfolio you should be able to do relatively well in interviews for jobs, and of course you can always choose to continue your education and obtain a bachelor’s degree in graphic design.

A bachelor’s degree is prestigious, and while it may be unnecessary for a lot of entry-level jobs, it could give you the edge when applying as a lot of employers prefer to hire applicants who have completed a four-year degree. Although a lot more of your program will be spent in general education rather than focusing purely on graphic design, you will emerge with a more comprehensive background in liberal arts, and this will probably pay off in the long run and will help you to design more effectively.

Where Do I Go Next after Graduating from Graphic Design College?

When you graduate from graphic design colleges or graphic design schools, your next step will be to gain on-the-job experience. While graphic design school will give you sufficient training to get you your first position, the first couple of years after graduating will help you really improve and build your reputation.

Your school or college may well be able to help you get your first graphic design job, as a lot of graphic design schools have information on internships that are available with local firms. They’ll also have good contacts within the industry locally, and you should take advantage of any resources they might have, and make sure you network at every opportunity.

You may face tough competition for the best positions, but choosing to go to graphic design schools or colleges will certainly set you on the path for a rewarding career.

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