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Is It Better Going Away to College, or to Go to College Nearby?

It can be tricky trying to decide whether going away to college is a better option than picking a college closer to home, and while both have their merits, it well worth taking your time to make this important decision.

Is Going Away to College Right for Me?

Many people choose to attend a college that is too far to commute to each day as they want to experience everything college life has to offer, and they also welcome the chance of standing on their own two feet for the first time in their lives. Although living away from home for the first time will no doubt present some difficult situations, it can make you much stronger as a person, and experiencing this in a college environment is relatively safe. It might be a struggle at times, but the majority of students find it extremely fulfilling and quite liberating.

However, it isn’t the right decision for everyone and some people may struggle without having the support of their family and friends nearby. If this sounds like you, then you may well want to choose to go to college near home, and of course another advantage is that you will save money by being able to live at home.

What Happens if the Best College Course is not in my State?

Although living at home may help you remain within your comfort zone, it might not be the best option for your education. Stateuniversity.com has a lot free, useful information about college courses available in the United States, and you should be able to find out if your course is offered at a college near your home. If it isn’t then you are faced with a difficult decision, as it is obviously better to get the best education you can, and it may be better to at least try living away from home rather than compromising on your degree.

Visit the Colleges You are Thinking of Attending

Visit the colleges in question a few times, and try to talk to other students at the college and ask about their experiences of settling into life on campus. You will probably find that most had the same worries about leaving home as you do, and hopefully they will be able to reassure you that you can cope with living away from home.

Allow yourself plenty of time on each visit to become familiar with the college, and try to picture yourself attending lectures here. Ask to see the accommodations, and find out about societies and clubs, and other activities which interest you, as getting involved is a great way to get over homesickness. If it is a long way from home, take the weather into consideration; is it better or worse? Find out exactly how long it would take you to get home, and how much it will cost.

Apply in Good Time to Get Accepted for Your Dream College

If you find a college that appeals to you, then make sure you apply for it in good time. In fact, it is worth applying for quite a few colleges, as you may not get in at your first or second choice, especially if you are hoping to study a popular course.

Having said all this, there is nothing wrong with attending a college near home and many students thrive on being in a neighborhood they know well and are comfortable in. If you really don’t want to leave home just yet, and your dream course is at your local college, then by all means stay put.

If you do end up going away to college, even though you would rather stay close to home, then you may be pleasantly surprised, as many students then find it difficult to return to living at home. The experience of living away from home is so enjoyable that most find living with family far too restricting. Give it a chance, and don’t discount it immediately, especially if your dream course is at a college in the next state.

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