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How To Prepare for College During the Senior Year of High School

College is a big step for anyone – whether you decide to pursue a two year degree or a four year one, college will empower you with the skills you need to start a professional career. Ideally, your college preparations should start in your junior year, however, it is not surprising to find senior high school students speaking to counselors about their college plans and visiting campuses to find one that suits their financial budget and expectations.

Here is a five step action plan that will help you prepare for college in your senior year of high school with ease:

Find Colleges During Your Senior Year of High School

At the beginning of your senior high school year, create a list of colleges or universities you want to attend. Start by writing the names on a notepad if you remember them or research online to find programs that suit your interests. Once you have completed this step, visit college websites and check admission requirements, tuition costs, scholarship opportunities, and average SAT scores. This will give you a good estimate of how you should prepare to get admission in the college of your choice.

Speak to your High School Counselor

Discuss college plans with your high school counselor and ask them to suggest any coursework that you should take to give you an edge over other applicants. Many top ranking universities look for courses such as foreign languages and advanced courses in mathematics and science.

Your high school counselor can also help you by recommending SAT or ACT exam preparation strategies which can be useful when you take the actual exam.

Learn More about Colleges While a Senior in High School

Attending college is a big decision and you must get as much information as you possibly can. Start attending college fairs, visit college campuses, speak to students attending the program you wish to join, and write to the faculty. Every college in the United States encourages prospective students to visit campus – take this opportunity to learn more about college life.

Join Facebook pages and Twitter discussions to see what students are saying about the college. Look up college alumni and see what they are doing. Some colleges have a very high research activity. If research sounds interesting to you, then consider applying to these colleges since they receive massive amounts of funding from federal organizations and generally have Nobel Prize winning faculty on board.

Prepare for SAT or ACT

Consider them as the biggest examinations of your life and take them seriously. Your SAT scores are a huge determining factor in the overall admission process. The College Board recommends taking the exam in your junior year so you can take it again during senior high school if you don’t score well the first time.

Most colleges share average SAT scores of the applicants and some even have a minimum SAT score requirement for programs. If you have followed point one of this five step plan, you will already have a list of SAT scores for colleges. Keep these scores as a benchmark and start your preparations.

Extra Curricular Activities During Your Senior Year of High School

Colleges and universities ask for letters of recommendation, personal essays, high school scores, and proof of extra-curricular activities. Great scores aren’t enough to get you admission. Most colleges looking for students who have performed well in academics and other areas which relate to the program you are applying to.

In your senior high school year, start participating in extra-curricular activities that interest you. These may not be limited to sports and other activities conducted in school. Be creative – think of internships, volunteering, or summer learning programs.

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