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Using The College Board to Prepare for the SAT

The College Board conducts college readiness and advocacy programs in the United States. Some of the major programs include SAT, SAT Subject Tests, and Advanced Placement tests, among others.

SAT scores are mandatory in most colleges in the United States for associate and bachelor degree programs. Some Ivy League colleges also require SAT Subject Test scores. The College Board offers many resources which can help you in preparing for your exam well and getting admission in the college of your choice.

Why the SAT is Important

The SAT is the most used test for college admissions – one that can give you an edge over other applicants if you score high. It is accepted by every college and university in the United States and even by some foreign universities.

It enables students to apply for more scholarships and get college fellowships as well. SAT tests basic writing, reading, and math skills that are taught during school and is designed in such a way that students from all backgrounds can take the exam.

SAT is among one of the many different parameters that colleges use during the admission process. Along with your personal essay, high school scores, and letters of recommendation, the SAT can aid in the admission process as it is a test of your academic credibility.

What the SAT Tests

The SAT is one of the best programs offered by the College Board. It tests school level arithmetic, writing, and reading skills.

The exam is divided into ten sections, where you will write an essay and have several multiple choice questions. The writing section tests grammatical usage and error correction while in mathematics, students solve questions on geometry, probability, statistics, and basic arithmetic.

When to Take the SAT

The College Board conducts SAT exams several times in a year but it is advisable to take the SAT during the junior or senior grades in high school. This gives you an option to take the test twice if you don’t score well the first time, without missing a year of college.

Though SAT subject tests are not requested by universities, taking these can improve the chances of getting admission in a college of your choice. You can check SAT test dates at the College Board website and register for the exam online.

How to Prepare for the SAT with the College Board

Numerous online and offline resources are available for SAT preparation, both at the College Board and elsewhere, such as Princeton and Kaplan guides. Books like the Official SAT Study Guide and Official Study Guide for SAT subject tests are recommended. Read as much as you can outside school – be it books, magazines, or journals. Take your classes seriously and pay attention to what your teachers teach.

The College Board also offers multiple free practice tests which students can take to test their proficiency and compare scores with other students.

Which SAT Subject Test Should You Take

The College Board has 20 subject tests in English, math, history, and languages. The subject test you choose should be a reflection of your professional goals. SAT Subject Tests are used by colleges and universities to ascertain student interest and determine what program a student will be best suited for.

It is recommended that you take subject tests for subjects you wish to major in and have completed coursework for. By taking a subject test, you gain credibility, allowing you to study a subject of your choice, especially for those students who wish to complete a two year degree at a community college before moving on to university.

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