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Top Medical Schools in the United States

Each year, U.S. News and World Report publishes a list of top schools, colleges, and universities in the country. Several factors are considered before compiling this list such as student to teacher ratio, campus facilities, quality of education, and research activity.

It is very important to review top medical schools if you want to become a doctor since this will help you choose the schools you should apply to. Since the list includes tuition costs and average MCAT scores, it can help you prepare well in advance for your medical career.

Here is a list of the top five medical schools in chronological order.

Top Medical School: Harvard University

This one comes as no surprise. The hallowed halls of Harvard University have been ranked at number one position for almost all programs that the university offers. The Harvard Medical School curriculum was designed in the early 19th century but has evolved considerably to include new age teaching methodologies. It is one of the oldest medical schools in the country.

Harvard Medical School also offers joint degrees such as M.D. and PhD. Students also have the option of studying at medical school and enrolling in courses at Harvard’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

Admission to Harvard Medical School is based on MCAT scores, essay, academic records, and professional experience. As of 2011, the annual tuition cost is $45,050. Some of the most popular medical programs are anesthesiology, neurology, and pediatrics.

University of Pennsylvania

University of Pennsylvania, or UPenn as it is commonly known, ranks number one for studying pediatrics and number five for internal medicine. The medical program at UPenn has been ranked second in the United States in 2011 by the U.S. News and World Report. UPenn founded the first medical school in the country and is associated with the Pennsylvania Hospital and Hospital of University of Pennsylvania.

Most popular medical programs include internal medicine, pediatrics, and dermatology. Noted alumni include Nobel Prize winners Michael Brown and Stanley Prusiner.

Johns Hopkins University

Ranked at number three, Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD offers dual degree and traditional programs which can be completed in eight years time. The university is also home to the world renowned Johns Hopkins Hospital.

The school receives massive amounts of monetary funding from the National Institute of Health and other gubernatorial bodies for research projects. Students can take on research projects via PhD programs or dual degree M.D./PhD programs at the Institute of Genetic Medicine and Brain Science Institute.

Washington University, St. Louis

Washington University at St. Louis, Missouri is ranked at number four for its medical school and is also among the top ten universities for pediatrics and internal medicine.

The medical school at Washington University is affiliated with Barnes Jewish Hospital and St. Louis Children’s Hospital, where students can intern and study summer programs. The school also offers multiple other facilities like free public transportation for students.

Duke University, Stanford, Yale and University of California at San Francisco

The number five spot for the top medical schools in the United States is jointly shared by four universities.

Duke University offers a traditional four year M.D. program. Students can choose to complete a dual degree such as MBA or MS in their final year of study. Programs in orthopedic surgery and urology are most sought after at Duke.

Stanford University is also ranked among the top ten universities for its pediatrics program. The medical school at Stanford has a unique curriculum that provides students with in-depth education for elective subjects while focusing on core subjects too.

At Stanford, students can also opt for Master of Science programs in genetics and epidemiology.

University of California San Francisco offers traditional, joint, and dual degree M.D. programs. Students study the first three years at University of California Berkeley and then move to the San Francisco campus. The medical school at the university offers a unique program – the Program in Medical Education for the Urban Undeserved, which prepares students to work in poverty stricken areas in the country.

Yale University holds a first place ranking for studying drug and alcohol abuse and is also among the top ten universities for studying internal medicine. The Yale medical school is affiliated with Yale New Haven Hospital, where students complete most of their practical learning.

These are among the best medical schools in the United States. Each school has a rigorous admission procedure so make sure you prepare yourself well and have a high MCAT score.

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