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Why You Should Go To College

In July 2009, President Obama spoke about the importance of college education and how young Americans should consider getting an associate degree at the very least. After high school, a lot of students ponder over this question – why go to college? There are a lot of reasons for studying at a college, the primary reason being the need for a good education and a well paying job.

Associate and bachelor degree holders have more opportunities in the post recession world. In his lecture at the Macomb Community College in Michigan, President Obama mentioned that the demand for jobs which need at least an associate degree will increase by 2018, compared to jobs requiring no college education. Obviously, some jobs still require extensive on job training like plumbing and carpentry.

Going to College Can Advance Your Career

According to the University of North Texas, college graduates with a bachelor’s degree earn 74% more than those with only a high school certificate. If you still need a reason to answer your question ‘why go to college’, spend
some time thinking about the skills and experience you will get by studying. By adding new interests and finding new knowledge areas, you can empower yourself with the skills required to land a job or even start your own business.

Let’s say you start work after high school and a friend goes to college for a four year degree. You are working as an administrative assistant in a newspaper but what you really want to do is cover stories and write feature reports. Your friend now has a journalism degree, joins the same office and does what you have always wanted to do. You can try convincing your boss that you have great writing skills but what do you have to prove this? Your friend on the other hand has spent four years at a college learning the nuances of journalism and has the skills your boss is looking for.

As a high school graduate, it is difficult to analyze how you want your life to look in the future, but who doesn’t love success and the money that comes with it? Even the richest people in the world went to college. If you are confused about what you want to study, you can always start with an undeclared major and then choose a subject you like. The American education system is versatile in allowing students to study subjects they truly love.

For those taking some time off after high school, utilize this time to think about what you want to do in life. Most of us have our choices shaped up during our teenage years. If you love dance, you can study it professionally. If food has always exciting you, a culinary arts program may help you with the skills required. If you have a penchant for writing, a degree in creative writing or English literature will help you get started as a professional writer. No matter what you want to do, you will always find a study program that is suited to your requirements.

Funding a College Degree

Another point related to the initial question ‘why go to college’ is the financial aspect. A lot of students worry about paying for college and may eventually choose not to get a degree owing to a lack of funds. If this sounds like you, remember that the federal government has financial aid programs that are designed to help every student complete their education. These can be in the form of scholarships, loans, or work study programs. Institutional need based scholarships are also available for students who are unable to pay tuition costs.

Going to College will Help You Reach Your Potential

Draw from the experiences of those around you. There will be highly educated people around you and those who only managed to complete their high school education – compare their lives and what they have achieved in their lifetime.

College is an important part of student life, not only for the education but for the innumerable other learning experiences it offers. A college degree opens many doors and can really help you land the job you want. Many employers look for applicants with college degrees and this will give you a huge advantage over those who have only a high school degree.

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