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High School Classes

High School classes can be stressful but not if you are organized. Here are some tips that you should keep in mind during your high school years that will help you thrive, do well, and prepare you for college.

Complete all High School Homework Assignments

Don’t procrastinate; complete your homework regularly by keeping a set amount of time to do your homework. Set a schedule to get your homework done each day and stick with it. Use weekends and holidays to your advantage and even to jump ahead in the assignments to save you time later. Sometimes homework consistency is a big part of your grade for your high school classes and each completed assignment will increase your overall grade for that class. You may use idle time like bus rides or while you’re eating breakfast to catch up on the assigned reading. If you are sick, try to catch up with a friend over phone, text, e-mail, or Facebook to keep up to date about homework assignments.

Study for Your High School Classes

In most high school classes, tests make up a large part of your grades. Study at least two days or a week before a test (depending upon your preparedness) instead of trying to read at midnight on the night before the test. The more you practice, the more you will be able to grasp the fundamentals and you won’t find yourself in a position where you will have to cram the night before. Get a good night’s sleep to keep yourself alert for the next morning.

Always be on Time for Your High School Classes

Teachers appreciate attentive students so be sure to be on time for all of your classes. It shows you are enthusiastic and ready to learn. Don’t be afraid to take a seat in the front row, since this will help you focus better on the material presented during the class.

Make Friends in High School

Make friends with diverse groups of people and learn other points of view. Find people who you get along with, who appreciate you for who you are, and even form study groups with. This will help improve your overall performance and get you through school along with preparing you for the diversity you will encounter in college. Have fun but be sure to not sacrifice your grades.

Activities Outside of Your High School Classes

Try to get involved with some community service, internship, or other job experience. This job experience can be placed on your college admission forms to show you are well rounded and are able to handle the pressures of maintaining good grades with an academic career. Plus, if you are able to earn money, you can put that towards later college expenses or buy supplies such as laptops, calculators, etc. Participate in school clubs and extracurricular activities. Find the things that you’re good at and foster that interest by joining art club, language club, or a peer counseling program. Again, these can all be added to your college application and can boost your chances of admission.

Stay Focused During High School Classes

You need to have the right mind frame to succeed in high school classes. Don’t let friends lead you off the path that would lead you to success. Self discipline is the key and be sure to use absences only for very important reasons like doctor’s appointments or actual sickness. By staying focused, you will be able to finish your homework assignments along with learning the material presented in class to help you prepare for exams.

Get Organized

Buy a good daily planner and mark all the important events like tests, exams, school dances, pep rallies, etc.

Remember self discipline is the key; the more you are organized the less stressed you will be. Be sure to stay focused and complete your work on time, but also remember to have fun. The high school classes you take now are helping you to prepare for your future after graduation.

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