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How to Apply to College

If you are a high school student and planning to attend college in the near future, you must begin preparing as soon as possible. Finalize the colleges and/or universities you wish to apply to and put in effort to increase the chances of acceptance. To know how to apply to college, you need to consider several factors and many requirements which must be covered in a timely fashion.

Become Familiar with Entrance Requirements When Applying to College

Understanding all the procedures and elements involved is critical for knowing how to apply to the college of your dreams. First issue to be considered is that all the colleges have different application deadlines. Take care of the schedules and deadlines as submitting late can limit your chances of being accepted.

Register for and Take College Admissions Tests

As almost all colleges do not have open admission policies, you must plan for taking tests such as the SAT or ACT. A prep course for preparation of such tests is highly recommended. You may also want to ask for guidance or some classes from a tutor who specializes in SAT and ACT exams.
You can even prepare through online test preparation programs like
This will definitely help you achieve a better score and can help you get admitted into your favorite college. If you score very high in these tests, no your chances of admission increases.

Almost all the colleges consider high school grades and standardized test scores as the first step in choosing students for admissions. After this the admission officers look deep into a prospective applicant’s details.

To escape this hurdle, follow the application process seriously. Even if you have scored very high and you are applying to a relatively non-competitive ollege, never treat this process lightly. Follow the following steps will increase your chances of gaining acceptance into the college of your choice:

  • Type Everything: If your application is not written neatly and the admissions officer can’t read it properly, it wouldn’t make a favorable impression. Typed applications look professional and shows your seriousness towards the college and the admissions process. Even this single piece of correspondence with the admissions office can influence a decision, so do not put yourself at a disadvantage.

  • The Essay: Many colleges ask for an essay as part of the admissions process these days. So write an impressive essay and get noticed. Your association with student council, athletics, and community involvement look great on your application and can extensively improve your chances of being accepted. Make sure to add all of these while writing an essay. A great application essay will put forward a vibrant, personal, and convincing outlook of you and will help you to be noticeable and different from the other applicants. So put in time to write an effective essay. You can even write an extra essay but don’t write a lengthy one. In your essay, focus on your personal qualities, diversities, dreams, and also on how you are going to make a positive impact at the college.

  • Fill Out The Application Completely: Fill out the application form completely; answer each and every question even if they sound irrelevant to you.

  • Ask For Help: If you are facing problem at any point, you should ask your parents or guidance counselor for help.

  • Recommendations: Recommendations are also very important as they play important role in the application process. You can ask for one from any teacher, employer, coach, etc. Choose an individual who thinks highly of you and make sure that if he/she feels comfortable and confident in writing a positive recommendation. Do convey that this recommendation is very important for you and your career and make sure to get it done by a specific date.

  • Meet Deadlines: Don’t be late in sending your application, if possible send it ahead of the deadline. It may give the message that you are well organized and truly interested in the college.

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