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Is an Online Doctorate Program Right For You?

The spread of fast paced internet has opened up a wide range of educational opportunities for people who would not otherwise have access to them. Many homes now have a PC which is connected to the internet through high speed broadband. This makes them suitable devices to pursue a program of online study. Most people are probably aware of the fact that a wide range of courses can be studied online. What a lot of people might not know is that fully accredited qualifications, including Doctorates, can be obtained.

A Doctorate is a very advanced qualification in the world of higher education. Someone who has achieved this level of education is widely recognized as an expert in their field. Worlds of opportunities are available to someone with a Doctorate as it is often a prerequisite for the top jobs in the world of academia. Studying for a Doctorate through an online Doctorate program allows people to fit their study in with their other life commitments such as jobs or taking care of their family.

Online Doctorate Program – What Can Be Studied and How Long Does It Take?

Online Doctorates from a number of highly respected online schools can be pursued. The subjects that people can study are high powered and potentially very lucrative in a career context. A few examples of the most popular online Doctorates from respected institutions, such as the University of Phoenix, include high powered subjects like Business Management, Organizational Leadership, Educational Leadership, and Organizational Psychology.

The time it takes to obtain an online Doctorate varies from student to student and institution to institution. One of the main attractions of online study for many people is the level of flexibility that it offers. This flexibility often results in people being able to structure the timing of their study as they see fit. This can result in the same Doctorate taking different lengths of time for different students depending on their own personal work schedule.

Online Doctorate Program – What’s Involved?

The exact nature of an online Doctorate program varies between institutions. There are some common aspects of study which can be found at many institutions. Anyone who is seeking to obtain an online Doctorate can expect to be involved in any or all of the following:

  • Discussions with fellow students: A big part of any program of study is discussing ideas with other students who are pursuing the same course. Online study is no different. Most online schools have discussion rooms and forums where students are able to discuss their studies with each other and their tutors. Some programs take discussion participation into account when awarding a grade.
  • Writing a dissertation: A dissertation is an in-depth piece of academic writing on a chosen subject within the field a student is studying. Dissertations are often undertaken in the final year of any given program of study and allow the student a chance to put everything they have learned to use by making an original contribution to their field.

Online Doctorate Program – The Benefits

There are a number of personal and professional benefits that come with pursuing an online doctorate program. In terms of personal satisfaction, an online doctorate is the highest level of study that most people will ever pursue. This means that the experience is likely to be intellectually stimulating and engaging for the student in a way which few other parts of their life will ever be.
As well as a high level of personal satisfaction, studying an online doctorate program is likely to lead to a wide range of professional opportunities. Doctorate holders are regarded as experts in their field and are widely recruited in prominent positions in both the world of academia and business.

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