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Comparing Computers

PC vs Mac

One of the main decisions for anyone who is buying a new computer system is whether to go for a PC or a Mac. It is not an easy decision to make as both Microsoft and Apple put forward convincing arguments as to why their system is the superior choice. Dedicated users of either company are convinced they have purchased the better machine. This can make it difficult for an undecided potential buyer to cut through the sales hype and opinions to get to the truth of the matter. By looking objectively at the advantages and disadvantages of the PC and Mac systems, it becomes clear that neither is inherently superior and the most suitable choice will be the one which best meets each individual’s needs.

PC vs Mac – The History

The first Mac was launched by Apple in 1984 and was revolutionary as it offered a GUI or graphical user interface. This refers to the fact that users control their machine using graphical representations of programs and folders as opposed to plain text commands. Windows is an example of a GUI. The original IBM PC was released to the public in 1981 and almost every PC available today is a descendant of this hardware. Although the popularity of Apple products has risen in recent years due to their product range, including iPads and iPhones, Mac computers still only occupy roughly 10% of the market.

PC vs Mac – The Case for the PC

The PC is by far the more widespread of the two rival computers. This gives it an instant advantage. Because more computer users have opted for the PC than the Mac, it has given the PC a far wider range of software. PCs are also considered better value for money than Macs as the cheapest PC is far less expensive than the cheapest Mac. There is also a wider choice of PC models to choose from than there are Macs. Lots of manufacturers make PCs and it is possible to custom build them using a huge variety of components. Apple, on the other hand, offers only a limited selection of Macs, with extremely restricted customization options.

PC vs Mac – The Case for the Mac

Fans of the Mac argue that it doesn’t need to be customized like a PC as it already has top of the line components. This is the reason for the higher cost. Macs do indeed feature very high quality parts and are noted for their aesthetically elegant designs. Ease of use is a well-known feature of all Apple products and the Mac is no exception. It is widely regarded as simpler to use than a PC. It is also less susceptible to viruses than PCs. Less software is available for the Mac than the PC but Macs come bundled with a better suite of programs out of the box than most PCs.

PC vs Mac – What Else Do You Own?

One factor worth considering is whether the undecided buyer owns any other products by Apple or Microsoft. If someone owns other Apple products, such as iPads or iPhones, these devices will have greater compatibility with an Apple Mac computer. Similarly, if someone owns other Microsoft products, such as an Xbox or a Microsoft MP3 player, then the only compatible computer is a PC.

PC vs Mac – Decision Time!

Choosing between the two rival systems is largely down to each user’s personal priorities. Someone looking for an affordable computer with the widest choice of software and the ability to upgrade and customize their machine is better suited to the PC. Someone looking for a stylish and easy to use computer, even if it costs more, may favor the Mac. Often traditional businesses opt to make the PC their office computer of choice while creative professionals frequently favor the Mac. The best approach for anyone weighing up the issue of PC vs Mac is to make a list of what they personally require from a computer and see which system fulfills their needs better than the other.

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