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A Closer Look at the Dorm Must Haves

You are a grown up now and stepping into college. The dormitory is your home for the next 3 to 4 years. Well, every individual is in a dilemma when they pack their bags to move to the dorm for the first time. You should always pack the right things and for that you need to make a check-list. Always consider the Dorm Must Haves when packing your bags before leaving home.
Most freshmen bring in expensive stuff to move into their dorms, which is not advisable as a dorm is not their own private home. When moving in, take
into consideration that you will be sharing the space with someone else.

An Alarm Clock is a Dorm Must Have

Since you are a college student and on your own, you will be required to wake up early like everyone else. It is not acceptable to be late to class and professors will not accept excuses. Therefore, be sure to bring an alarm clock and set it to a high setting. You want to make sure you make it to class on time and the earlier you reach class, the better.

Laundry Must Haves for the Dorm

Second on the Dorm Must Haves list is ingredients for laundry. You are not at home anymore where you may have been used to a parent who takes care of your clothing. You will have to wash your clothes yourself. Be sure to bring laundry detergent, fabric softener, bleach, a bin for dirty clothes, an iron, and stain remover. It is best to be prepared and learn to take care of those stains.

Bathroom Dorm Must Haves

Staying clean and healthy is like attaining nirvana. When you are moving to a dorm, you would need certain bathroom essentials that are not provided. Everyone should include soap, toothpaste, razors, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, tweezers, band aids, deodorant, chap-stick, moisturizer, mouth-wash, toe nail clippers, and a bin to carry it all. Guys shouldn’t forget their shaving cream and aftershave and ladies should be sure to pack makeup, tampons, pads, and hair care products including a blow dryer.

Gadgets for the Dorm Must Haves Checklist

So, you are totally into gadgets and you are moving into a dormitory. Don’t forget to move your gadgets too. Must haves include: computer, printer, Ethernet cord, lock, carrying case for laptop, speakers, hard drive with movies, USB drive, Blank CD’s, Desk Lamp, headphones, iPod, extension cord, camera to get clicked with your friends, phone, small fan or heater according to the weather, batteries for remote controls or clocks, charger for your phone, camera and iPod, adapters. Since you are spending 3 to 4 years in a dorm be sure to bring it all and there should always be something to keep you entertained.

Decorating Must Haves for the Dorm

Since you are here to stay for a couple of years, you might want to deck up your room, your bed and everything around you. Everybody loves decorating and you should as it makes you feel like you are home. Dorm room must haves include bed sheets, blankets for the winters, mattress, pillows, storage containers for storing food items, posters of your favorite people, hangers to hang your clothes – never keep your dorm messy, a flashlight to be safe, bulletin board to keep a track of happenings, room freshener to keep your room fresh and scented, a night light, calendar to keep track of the date, a rug, a broom, a dustbin and maybe pretty curtains.

Always remember to pack your things in an organized manner. Make a Dorm Must Haves Checklist and be prepared to face the new world. And yes, considering it is the best period of your life make sure your college life is fun!

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