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Creative Writing Schools and Programs – Various Options

Creative writing schools offer creative writing programs that include drama, poetry, personal essays, short stories, short and long fiction, non-fiction and others. While all writing is creative to some extent, when pursuing a creative writing degree, students will learn how to use words in the right context and organize their thoughts that will make an impact on the audience. Creative writing also involves some grey areas where writing is both professional and creative.

Where to Pursue Creative Writing Courses?

Several vocational schools and colleges offer courses in creative writing. These courses can also be studied at the high school level. Those who wish to major in creative writing must also be interested in reading. They must read ample material published by various authors of repute and must also be willing to read texts, books, and guidelines with which they can improve their own writing skills. They must not only be interested in the study of writing but also must be prepared to spend some time practicing the art form everyday.

Degrees Offered in Creative Writing

Creative writing schools offer Bachelor of Fine Arts or BFA degree once students complete their course in creative writing. Some people may earn a BA in English literature but they may have also majored in creative writing. Students can also pursue higher education since there are many creative writing schools that offer Master of Fine Arts or MFA degree in the field of creative writing. Some doctoral programs are also available in the field of creative writing, although these are very rare.

Other Areas of Specialization for Creative Writers

Students can concentrate on writing screenplays or dramas when they pursue their creative writing program in reputed creative writing schools. They can earn a fine arts degree with drama or screen writing as their specialized subject. Those who are interested in majoring in these subjects can look for a creative writing school that offers this specific focus.
Students can also choose to major in English at an undergraduate level and can then take up creative writing as their career. People from various disciplines are also lured towards this career option. J.K Rowling became a famous writer although she did her basic studies in French. John Grisham is a best selling author who was a lawyer by profession.

Several Paths to Creative Writing

To pursue a writing career, you can choose from several paths. You can join creative writing schools to pursue a degree or diploma in creative writing or can join creative writing workshops that may be conducted in your locality. Many creative writing workshops are also conducted online which can help you to hone your writing skills at a time suitable to you. While a majority of successful writers of today are self-trained, taking a class on creative writing can most certainly help. Strong language and good writing skills are crucial if you want to succeed in the creative writing field. Although a degree in this field is not compulsory for gaining employment, you must be persistent in your efforts and be able to accept criticism. Some writers face rejections of their work at least in the initial stages. You should also not expect to make a lot of money or hit the jackpot while working in this field. However, you can earn a decent income by your creative writing. With the advancement of the internet, you can also submit your creative works online and earn money. There are several sites online that pay a decent amount of money for creative works, in addition to the more traditional publications like books and magazines.

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