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Computer Science Major- Information, Careers and Jobs

Computer science graduates learn to program computer systems, develop core digital technologies, and maintain communication networks. They also install, design, and maintain systems in varied environments. Those studying in college with computer science majors can also specialize in areas such as computer vision, artificial intelligence, and machine behavior. The main purpose of computer science is to design efficiency, application and implementation of computer systems to the problems of government and businesses.
Those who have graduated with a computer science major can create or maintain the most effective computer systems using the latest updated technology available. Today, the field of computer science is fast growing and the software industry offers jobs to millions of people worldwide. The maintenance and development of computer systems is critical since computers are widely used in all fields today. The computer science major or its equivalent is offered by both Arts and Science colleges as well as the engineering colleges.

Types of Students Who Major in Computer Science

A student who is interested in pursuing a degree with computer science must excel in subjects such as Mathematics, English, and the Physical sciences. They must also be adept with the usage of computers. They must be self-motivated, independent and have the ability to handle frustration easily.

Courses Taken by Students with a Computer Science Major

The elective and compulsory courses with respect to a computer science major vary widely from one institution to another. Students can specialize in subjects such as computer theory, calculus, data logic, data management, information management, electronic design, artificial intelligence, files and database, network fundamentals, machine language, information management, operating systems, computer architecture and others.

List of Potential Jobs in Computer Science

Those who graduate with a computer science major can take up various jobs. Some majors are more directly related to jobs than others. Some of the positions you might qualify for if you complete this major include computer hardware technician, computer game developer, computer and software sales, computer graphics design, systems manager, network manager, system developer, programmer and the like.

Median Salary Range for Computer Science Careers

The starting U.S median salary for a computer science professional is $56,400 and mid career salary is around $97,400. While these figures indicate the national averages, you can earn more or less than these amounts. The actual salaries may depend on several factors such as experience of the candidate, qualifications and their geographic location.

Course Spotlight for Computer Science Majors

While computer science involves some amount of programming, a computer science major can also prepare you for careers that do not involve any kind of programming. Programming courses will be an integral part of your studies when you choose to major in computer science. These classes cover languages such as Java and C++. You can also learn about what goes behind actual computer programming. You’ll learn problem solving by converting basic questions into a set of instructions which the computer will be made to follow before coming out with solutions. You can also learn what goes on within the computer when the problem is being solved.

College Checklist for Computer Science Majors

Before choosing a college that offers a computer science major, you have to check whether the college is accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology. You can also check the availability of specific courses such as databases and artificial intelligence. Most of the colleges offer a minimum grade point average to be accepted into the major. In case you are interested in computer circuitry, you can check whether the college offers computer engineering and electrical courses. You can also check whether you can gain entry as a freshman or would be required to apply as a sophomore. Through research, you can select the best institution to pursue your higher education with a computer science major.

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