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Requesting Information from Schools during Campus Visits

When students get started with the task of finding the right college, one of the first things they should do is request information from them. However, it is recommended to complete a little homework before starting the search for the perfect college. Students need to identify their priorities in terms of the type of college, courses offered, location, affordable cost, and the financial aid required. Students need to be clear about the type of college they want to enroll in and whether they want a two year associate degree or a four-year bachelor’s degree. They also need to decide whether they want to stay close to home or move over to a distant place to join the college. Students are required to find out about the majors offered in various colleges and the reputation of the departments offering the desired majors. Once the students have their own checklists, they can move on to begin their search for a college that best fits their requirements. The most recommended method of searching for information is by requesting information from schools by either planning campus visits or asking questions from the admission representatives of various schools.

General Information to Request During a Campus Visit

Information can be requested from schools by undertaking a campus tour and getting a first-hand experience of the school atmosphere. Prospective students can request information from the admission representatives and get clarity on the admission procedure and financial aid options available. They can also collect the application and financial aid forms. By talking to the admission representatives, information can be requested about the campus health center, the safety of the students on campus, and the location and distribution of the dorms in the campus. They can inquire if the hostel rooms have internet access. They can also find about all the majors offered and the eligibility requirements. During the campus tour, they can eat in the cafeteria to find about the kind of food offered, the portions served, and the quality of the food.

Questions to Ask About Academics During a Campus Visit

To get an idea of the academic life, they can directly speak to the students to get a thorough understanding of the methodology adopted. While interacting with the students they can inquire if research is encouraged in the college. Prospective students can request information from students about the extra-curricular activities and the facilities available on campus. By talking to the students, they can find out about the strong majors and the weak majors and inquire about the reputation of various departments. They can also inquire about the marking system followed and the difficulty in scoring good grades. Information can be requested from students by asking them about the campus social life and the domination of fraternities and sororities. They can find out what the students do during their idle time and whether people participate in various activities, groups, and clubs.
Information can be requested from the sports coaches by talking to them during the campus visit. This also provides an opportunity to find out the types of sports encouraged on campus and whether the sports equipment is well-kept.

Gathering Information on the Academic Culture During a Campus Visit

Students can also attend a class or two to get a first-hand experience of the academic culture. They can easily gauge the teacher-student interaction and whether the teaching is innovative, discussion-based or project-oriented, or it is purely lecture-based. Students are also advised to talk to a professor in the subject of their choice. They can find out how much help students get from the professors outside the classes. Students are advised to visit the nearby area to explore the town and find about the accessibility of the college.
Potential students can request info from schools by accessing the StateUniversity (http://www.stateuniversity.com/) website.

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