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Get a Business Degree from a State College

Getting a business degree from a state college can be a great investment in your career, as a business degree offers you many flexible options for where to go with your future, many of which may pay incredibly well. If you’re considering getting a business degree, you might want to check out some of the statistics on where students go with these degrees:

  • According to College Board, only about 10 or 15% of business students end up going straight to graduate school, which means that business students are out there in the workforce finding jobs and making money right away. Many business students eventually go on to get an MBA, which is typically a flexible program that allows them to work while getting a degree.
  • Common career choices for a student with a business degree from a state college or university include assistant product manager, systems analyst, salesperson, or human resources specialist, though many students also use their degrees to become successful entrepreneurs.
  • Business degrees bring, on average, the third highest earnings within ten years of graduation, with the average being around $70,000 per year. Business and management students are only beat out by engineering and computer science students at the ten year mark, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • The National Center for Education Statistics shows that business degrees ranked at the top of sought-after degrees by number of students in the 2007-2008 school year. Students similarly sought degrees in social sciences and history, education, and health sciences, but there were almost twice as many business students as students in these other degree programs!
  • On average, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that business and management majors earn around $35,000 a year after graduation, which is slightly lower than expected for health and engineering majors but higher than education, humanities, and science majors.

Why Get a Business Degree from a State School?

One of the main reasons to get a business degree from a state institution is that most state institutions will offer business degrees, since it’s such a popular major. Since business offerings can draw so many students, institutions work hard to make their business degree programs solid and worthwhile.

Also, though, you can get a great business degree from a respected institution without paying as much for a degree. While business degrees can help you land jobs in a variety of fields, right now, the job market isn’t at its most stable, which means you could end up in a lower-paying job for longer. The best thing to do is plan to go to college with as little debt as possible. According to College Board, it costs, on average, about $7,605 per year to go to a state university, while a private university is going to charge around $27,200 per year. If you’re guaranteed a high-paying job off the bat, paying more – or going into more debt! – for your degree might make sense, but you need to make sure you can afford your student loan payments and cost of living on an entry-level salary.

Many state schools are going to offer great business programs that have lots of hands-on experience available. When looking for a business degree from a state school, do some research into the business department. See what the class offerings are like and how much real-world experience you can get. If possible, opt for a program that allows for internship experience or other types of real-work experience, since this can make you much more marketable for future employers.

Getting a business degree from a state school can be a great option that opens many doors for your future. Just make sure you understand those job prospects and research various programs before jumping into one!

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