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Teaching Profession

Turkey recognizes the importance of teacher training and preparation. Students wishing to become teachers must complete the secondary Anatolian Teacher Preparation High School program. They then must meet entrance requirements at a university faculty of education and compete the required curriculum before being allowed to teach. Approximately 17,000 prospective primary teachers graduate annually. Primary education teachers for the first five grades must complete at least a four-year bachelors program where they must obtain a Lisans Diplomasi. They must also demonstrate teaching competencies in order to receive the Primary Education Teachers Certificate. To teach in grades six through eight, teachers must complete additional more specialized subject matter courses. When they begin to teach, the instructors must successfully complete a one-year probationary program before they are appointed as regular teachers.

In 1999 a project was begun to prepare teachers' manuals that would guide teachers as they implement pupil-centered instruction. Some teachers are having to learn a new teaching methodology that emphases actively involving students in the learning process. In-service training programs have target teaching primary school teachers more about computers and computer-assisted instruction. All teachers, inspectors (supervisors), and administrators should be computer literate by the end of the year 2000.

Teachers at the secondary level must also complete at least a four-year bachelor's program where they obtain a Lisans Diplomasi. In order to be considered for a teaching position at certain secondary schools, such as the Science High Schools, teachers must take a competitive examination. To teach at a higher education institution, individuals must meet various criteria. According to the Higher Education Law, higher education institutions are responsible for training their own academic staff.

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