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Official Country Name: Slovak Republic
Region: Europe
Population: 5,407,956
Language(s): Slovak, Hungarian
Literacy Rate: NA
Academic Year: September-June
Number of Primary Schools: 2,493
Compulsory Schooling: 9 years
Public Expenditure on Education: 5.0%
Foreign Students in National Universities: 1,725
Libraries: 2,630
Educational Enrollment: Primary: 329,880
  Secondary: 677,377
  Higher: 101,764
Educational Enrollment Rate: Primary: 102%
  Secondary: 94%
  Higher: 22%
Teachers: Primary: 16,820
  Secondary: 54,694
  Higher: 9,849
Student-Teacher Ratio: Primary: 20:1
  Secondary: 13:1
Female Enrollment Rate: Primary: 102%
  Secondary: 96%
  Higher: 23%

When Slovakian citizens gain access to the Internet, they will greatly increase opportunities for informal education. The extent of the influence of the Internet in Slovakian education is yet undetermined. In the capital of Brataslava, the Open University of Great Britain has an established outlet. A second distance learning institution, this one from the United States, City University registered in Spokane, Washington, offers programs for U.S. college credits.

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