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Saudi Arabia

Teaching Profession

Secondary school graduates with a degree from a two-year junior college are qualified to serve as teachers' assistants. Schools of Education at Saudi universities and girls' colleges offer a broad educational curriculum in theory and methods. Each student is required to have a specialization. Short training programs are available for students holding a university or college degree but lack the necessary education courses to qualify as a teacher. Saudi teachers are paid one-third more than other professionals and earn longer vacation leave. Junior college programs are available to retrain elementary teachers who have taught for at least three years. Teachers at all levels of instruction are expected to take additional course work for teacher recertification. Junior colleges provide a program of study for teachers who desire to transfer from elementary school teaching to teaching at an intermediate school. Graduates are awarded the Certificate of Completing the Intensive Program in their field. Educators at the secondary level of education are expected to have earned a bachelor's degree.

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