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Preprimary & Primary Education

In 1993, there were no government established nursery schools. As Oman's society continues to develop and grow, more women are entering the workplace, thus creating a growing need for government-supported nursery schools. Although there were some nongovernmental schools, the government had not taken steps in that area. Part of this can be explained by Omani culture, which supports children being cared for by their parents or extended family members. However, since more Omani women are continuing their education and pursuing professional roles, added nursery schools will be useful.

Overall, education in Oman is based on a 6-3-3 system, which means six years of primary education, three years of preparatory education, and three years of secondary education. Primary education begins at age six and continues for six years. Primary education is not compulsory, however, despite it not being compulsory, there are a growing number of Omani children who are attending due to a widespread support of education. At the primary level, students learn basic skills. Primary education enrollment was 76 percent of all relevant age-group children in 1997. Once children successfully complete primary education, they are promoted to their first grade of the preparatory level.

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