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Participation rates at the tertiary level in Montenegro have increased steadily since 1991, although significant numbers of Montenegrin students continue to go outside of Montenegro to obtain their higher education. Montenegro has only one publicly funded university with 15 associated faculties, the University of Montenegro. Gross tertiary enrollment ratios in the mid-1990s for the FRY were reported as roughly 16.5 percent to 21 percent, with somewhat higher participation rates by females than by males. In 1999-2000 a total of 7,082 students were enrolled at the University of Montenegro and its 15 faculties. No private tertiary institutions existed in Montenegro. University-level teaching staff numbered 667, and the student to teacher ratio was reported to be about 12:1 (the slight numerical discrepancy perhaps due to the inclusion of some part-time faculty). In 1997 tertiary students in the FRY specialized in various disciplines according to the following proportions: 7.7 percent of students concentrated in the humanities, 20.8 percent in the social and behavioral sciences, 7.4 percent in the natural sciences, 11.1 percent in medicine, 17.9 percent in engineering, and 35.2 percent in other subject areas.

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