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Official Country Name: Principality of Monaco
Region: Europe
Population: 31,693
Language(s): French, English, Italian, Monegasque
Literacy Rate: 99%

The nation of Monaco is a constitutional hereditary monarchy with close ties, by treaty and geography, with France. Monaco is only 1.95 square kilometers in total area with a population of 31,693 Monegasques, according to a 2000 estimate. The country has a literacy rate of 99 percent for the total population, including many well-trained workers from other countries who have come to work in a multitude of professions. Various economic interests (including tourism, technology, banking, and chemicals) have a direct impact on the principality's curriculum.

National Education, which is overseen by the government's Councilor for the Interior, is compulsory for all children in Monaco from the ages of 6 to 16. The course syllabi are identical to those used in France; this conforms to the deep relationship Monaco has with France, which extends to issues like trade and military protection. In addition, their curriculum covers the history of Monaco and the native Monegasque language. The three main languages in Monaco are French, Italian, and the indigenous tongue.

There are four public schools and two secondary schools in the principality. The secondary and higher education institutions more directly reflect the needs of Monaco's economy. The Lycée Albert I emphasizes secretarial studies and accounting, while the Technical Lycée of Monte Carlo centers on hotel management and hospitality, business, and specialized education. Charles III College and the privately run University of Southern Europe-Monaco (USE-M) offer undergraduate and graduate programs in Business Administration. USE-M has provided special programs for international students to study in Monaco and for students from the Monegasque region to study overseas, such as in the United States. Four other institutions with specialized missions are the Nursing School at the Princess Grace Hospital Complex, the Rainier III Academy of Music, the Princess Grace Academy of Classical Dance, and the Municipal School of Plastic Arts.


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—Michael W. Young

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