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There are a number of factors students must consider when applying for, and attending, college. Cost, distance from home, and other factors are all important to take into consideration. But probably the most important factor when determining where to go to school, though, is deciding what to major in. Most students do a college search by majors to help them focus in on what schools they are going to apply to.

Decide on a Major

By conducting a college search by majors, students have the ability to see what schools offer the program they want to study. First students have to figure out what program they want to major in. Admissions officers, faculty, and others recommend students major in a subject they are passionate about, and have accumulated enough knowledge about the subject in high school so they can excel in their chosen field of study. There are a number of online guides available to help match students with majors that fit their abilities and skills. Once a student has selected one or more majors they may study in school, they can perform a search to select a list of schools they think they want to attend that have the major they are looking for.

Research Classes for Your Major

There are a number of factors when conducting a college search by majors students should look into. First, students should look at the classes each college requires in the major. Many schools will offer similar classes, but if a student is advanced enough in their career plan, they may find a school or two that will offer classes that fit into an area they want to specialize in.


Also, a school’s faculty is an important factor to consider when conducting a college search by majors. Since faculty teach the core classes in a major, students will spend a lot of time learning from them. A good faculty will help a student reach their full potential.

Post-College Opportunities

While learning is the most important factor to consider when conducting a college search by majors, there are other areas that are important. Schools that are extremely well-known to turn out top students in certain fields sometimes have a leg-up in the job market, and can network students into top companies in many fields because of alumni connections.

Search Majors

There are a number of ways to conduct a college search by majors. If a student already has a number of set schools on a list, a simple search of the individual school websites will help them determine if those schools have what they are looking for. Not all Ivy League schools offer the same majors, for example, so attending one over the other based on major could be beneficial for a variety of reasons.

Guides Available

If a student is just starting out a search, or trying to compile a list to choose from, there are a number of online guides available to help with the process. Among some of the top ones on the internet include The Princeton Review and Peterson’s. Other guides, like U.S. World and News Report, publish rankings on college by area of study to help students compare the best programs at different schools when conducting a college search by major.

When a student is conducting a college search by majors, they should make a list of the pros and cons of each school, including size, distance from home, opportunities for internships and post-graduation, cost, etc. This list will help them when conducting a college search by major, as it will help them eliminate schools that do not offer the area of education they are looking for.

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