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Saint Pierre and Miquelon

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Official Country Name: Territorial Collectivity of St. Pierre and Miquelon
Region: North & Central America
Population: 6,896
Language(s): French
Literacy Rate: 99%

The archipelago, or island group, known as Saint-Pierre and Miquelon is an overseas territory of France located in the northern Atlantic Ocean about 16 miles from the coast of Newfoundland, Canada. Residents are French citizens. Education is modeled after the traditional French system, it is free and compulsory for children between the ages of six and sixteen. The primary language of instruction is French. Most of the nation's private schools are run by the Roman Catholic church.

Primary education lasts for five years. In 1999, the number of preprimary and primary schools in operation totaled nine, five of which were private and four of which were public. Primary school students totaled 782. Secondary education is broken up into two cycles: a four-year program, followed by three additional years of study, successful completion of which results in the baccalaureat diploma. There are two secondary schools, one public and one private. Students in the second, or upper, level of their secondary studies may pursue one of three subject areas: scientific, literary, or economic and social. Upper secondary students may also opt to enroll in the Professional College for technical training. In 1999, secondary students totaled 703; of these, 172 were enrolled in the Professional College. Technical programs cover such topics as electronics, electrical engineering, joinery, woodworking, mechanics, and secretarial skills. Students at the Professional College work towards one of two Certificats d'Aptitude Professionnelle, one of six Brevets d'Etudes Professionnelles, or one of two Baccalaureats Professionnels. Scholarships are available to qualified students wishing to seek a higher degree in France.


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—AnnaMarie L. Sheldon

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In 1999, secondary students totaled 703; of these, 172 were enrolled in the Professional College.

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